Friday, September 12, 2008

Caption Competition

While the 'Competition' is running I'm going to keep bumping it back up to the top post so people get to see it, so look for any newer posts below if you're visiting here.

For this competition all you have to do is supply a suitably humorous caption to the picture above in the comments page of this post


The guys at Stirton Productions have kindly given a copy of their new film One Day Removals as a prize, and the films Director Mark Stirton will be judging the competiton. The DVD is Region 0 and the film is 88 minutes in length. The film features very strong language and violence so I'd say don't enter if you're under 18.

Only 1 entry per person and the closing date will be Tuesday the 16th of September 2008 and the winner will be announced sometime soon after that date.


Andy and Ronnie are removal men. Andy owns the van and Ronnie lifts the heavy stuff.
They have been doing this job for several years and nothing interesting has ever happened.
That is, until the events of ‘One Day Removals’ start to unfold... Follow the adventures of two unremarkable Scottish men who are forced to deal with events of a quite extraordinary nature. Events that will take them into parts of Scotland seldom seen. Events of a very dark kind.
It just takes one bad day to change everything, and no-one is safe.In a case that will rock the very foundations of the Scottish legal system, Andy Watt is telling the truth - but no living soul will ever believe him.

One Day Removals - World Premiere at Raindance Festival

Stirton Productions is happy to announce that the latest movie One Day Removals, has been accepted to show in the 16th Raindance Festival in October. Raindance is the biggest venue in the UK for independent films and is very well regarded in the industry. Details of showing dates and the festival jury will be announced this week - Raindance Festival Site.

Big thanks to Michael G Clark and Mark Stirton for providing the DVD as the prize. You can see information about their first film The Planet which I reviewed here back in July 2006.


crookymike said...

Pat: Is that a 10 pence piece?
Scott: Get off.I saw it first,IT'S MIIIINE!!!

allen said...

"Oh my Gosh! It's the YARNA action figure just released from god-Lucas! AND IT'S IN MY REACH!"

"It compels me to reach for hideous and yet beautiful!"

okay, so I was slightly inspired by a jimsmash post.

Ray Smyth said...

Scott - "Maybe it's just my sense of scale but don't you think this is a bit too wide to be Sue Storm?...Pat!...PAT?"

Michael G Clark said...

Arrrrg someone's put Marmite on me toast!

Oh, I can't play can I? Bugger.
Thanks for doing the comp Andrew.

mark said...

" The cyber-enhanced sheep teleportation experiment was a complete success...and yet the timing was ever so slightly off...

Inchy said...

"Watching 2 Jack Russells' fight isn't the kind of dogging I'd imagined!"

AktoMan said...

Ronnie: "Ah dinnae care that you killed the fecker wi a bridie, but why didya hae to use MY fecking bridie!"

(Ronnie reaches forward out of shot, retrieves bridie, wipes it clean of blood and takes a bite).

Nik Holmes said...

Ronnie - 'Yaarg! I appear to have stepped into the gaping jaws of a land shark!'

Andy - 'Hold tight, all it takes to open him up again is one swift Judo chop...or is that pork chop? Lamb chop?'

Inchy said...

Andrew, thanks again for the DVD. I've just watched it and I laughed my arse off all the way through, even though I had to pause it a good few times to explain the dialogue to the girlfriend.
Please pass my thanks on to Stirton Productions if at all possible.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Glad you liked it, send the guys a mail, you can contact them here, I'm sure they'll be glad of the feedback !