Friday, September 12, 2008

BBC refutes McGann Dr Who return story

The BBC has rejected tabloid claims that Paul McGann has been cast in a forthcoming Doctor Who special.
McGann portrayed the eighth incarnation of The Doctor in a 1996 television movie and a series of spinoff audio adventures. The Sun claimed that he will reprise the role in a 2009 special written by Russell T. Davies.
The article stated that he is "expected to begin filming in October or November" and will shoot scenes set during the Time War, an event that is key to the current mythology of the revived series.
However, a spokeswoman for the show told Digital Spy: "There is no truth to the story at all."

Source Digital Spy

Of course anyone here in the UK knows The Sun newspaper is so ropey that you can barely believe their TV schedule page never mind the real news ! :)


TimeWarden said...

The Sun have quite often been right about "Doctor Who" though, Andrew. The BBC refute it only because they are pissed at a forthcoming plot being revealed yet again. I'd like to see Paul back but RTD really does seem to milk the past for all its worth! Rusty doesn't seem to have many good ideas of his own!!

Niel Bushnell said...

I hope this is true, wouldn't be too surprised if it was either. How cool would a 3 Doctors story be with McGann, Ecclestone and Tennent?

moif said...