Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Maguire's $50M "Spider-Man" Deal?

$50m to be in 2 movies, and who cares about Spider-Man after the naff Spider-Man 3 anyway ? I'd rather them spend the $50m as the budget as opposed to the $300m they spent on the last one, and do a movie more about plot and character as opposed to big action and CG FX.

The less-than-verbose 33-year-old actor will allegedly score that salary, plus profit shares, to shoot two further Spider-Man films back-to-back over six months next year reports The Times.
What's interesting is that there's a distinct stipulation in the contract - that he be granted 'family time', ie. to take early mornings and evenings off, to spend time with his 22 month-old daughter Ruby Sweetheart.
In the next few days Sony is expected to reveal whether actress Kirsten Dunst, who has been struggling with clinical depression, will be returning as his on-screen love interest Mary Jane Watson.

Source Dark Horizons


Dylan said...

I think it's just asking for trouble really, you just know with a deal like that he'll have a big say on what the script is.
I'm getting pretty bored of superhero films anyway.

Moonwatcher said...

50 million...no way, you could feed a small country for that. No actor is worth that sort of money.

Nik Holmes said...

I admit it is unthinkable that someone receives that amount, in fact i imagine McGuire does too as from what I've read he's not your typical movie star, but if the movies DO make that kind of money it has to go somewhere and I'd rather it went to the talent than the suits (Though I'm sure they get their fair share).