Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gary Gygax R.I.P

I was alerted to this story over on Jim's Blog
In the late 1970's until the Mid 80's I used to play Dungeons and Dragons with friends on an evening and over the weekends and holidays. I remember at the time there were 3 main books, The Dungeon Masters Guide, The Players Handbook and the Monster Manual. We had some good fun painting the miniatures and playing either the pre written adventures or making up our own. I know people from school from way back who still play, and one old mate has been running a campaign for around 15 years. I've not played the game myself for over 20 years but I thought it was a shame to hear about Gary Gygax's death. He co-created the game Dungeons and Dragons and is acknowledged as the father of the Role-Playing game.


Michael G Clark said...

Poor old chap. Hats off to Mr Gygax for making me miss so much of my youth being stuck in a room with various smelly freaks.

Elves! They are so gay.

Moonwatcher said...

Only ever played this once or twice, most of the people I know are more into the Warhammer and 40K, Games Workshop stuff.