Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anthony Minghella - RIP

6 January 1954 – 18 March 2008

When I think of Anthony Minghella I think of The English Patient, when I think of The English Patient I think of the time I was working as projectionist at the Odeon Middlesbrough, and the time about 15-20 minutes from the end of the show when the film trailed off the platter that held the reels and proceeded to drag the last part of the film all around the platter tower and onto the floor etc... needless to say it took an awful long time to sort out and everybody in the showing got a refund having not seeing the end of the film. I was told by one friend that she was glad as she'd almost fallen asleep by that point anyway.

A sad loss for the film world, a guy who started in UK TV on show's like Magpie, Grange Hill and Inspector Morse and who went on to direct Truly, Madly, Deeply,The Talented Mr. Ripley,The English Patient and Cold Mountain.


I. N. J. Culbard said...

He also wrote The Storyteller.

TimeWarden said...

Very surprising and sad, not to mention a little worrying as Anthony Minghella was only five years and three days older than myself!

I shall best remember Anthony for his television work on early episodes of "Inspector Morse" as well as Jim Henson's very fine nine-part series, with John Hurt, in which "the best place by the fire was kept for... The Storyteller"!

Moonwatcher said...

A real loss. The Storyteller was one of my favourite shows.