Monday, April 24, 2006

Doctor Who dog K9 gets spin-off TV Show

A few years back Doctor Who was seen as show that the BBC were doing their hardest to try and forget it seemed like, it would occasionaly get dragged out for various nostalgia shows and be joked about the naffness of the monsters etc... Who have thought that the show is practically the BBC's flagship show again, you can't turn anywhere now without seeing reference to Doctor Who, kids shows like Blue Peter are making playsets for toys, a childrens show has been created called Totally Doctor Who, the show is already developing one spin-off called Torchwood and now the BBC have announced another spin-off show featuring an updated version of the robotic dog K-9. Bob Baker who is co-writer of Wallace and Gromit is helping develop the show, as far as I remember they talked about this a good few years ago and did some concept work but couldn't get any backing, how things have changed now with the sucess of Doctor Who, hell at this rate the BBC will be bringing Blake's 7 back before Christmas !!

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