Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Starhunt (1980) - Concept work by Andrew Probert


Starhunt was a planned movie back in 1980 based on David Gerrold's novel Yesterday's Children. The UK magazine Starburst published an article and these concept pictures by Andrew Probert who worked on Battlestar Galactica,Star Trek: The Motion Picture,Back to the Future and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sadly the movie was never made but I always loved the concept work for what could have been.

The Bridge design of the main spaceship the Roger Burlingame in my opinion has echoes of Probert's own concept work for the USS Enterprise D for Star Trek:The Next Generation in 1987.

Shower Room

Engine Room

Captain's Quarters

Ship Layout

Starhunt was also optioned as a TV series pilot called The Star Wolf in the late 90's but also failed to materialize.


allen said...

Great stuff. Thanks for posting it...I did not know of it before I saw it here...

Ray Smyth said...

I feel prompted to scan through my Starburst collection to see what other movies the magazine featured that never made it past the concept art stage.
They used to have really great pictorials in that mag but now its mostly images of actors pouting in their Levis and leathers!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Starburst, Starlog and Fantastic Films all had a Things to Come type section that had rumors of films that never ever happened. I remember when Raiders of the Lost Ark was rumored to be the title of the Star Wars sequel !!