Friday, November 07, 2008

Competion Winner and Runner up

An old school mate Martin Hogg, who works down south very kindly judged this contest, and after 2 days of wondering why he wasn't getting my e-mails we finally have a winner and runner up.

The Winner is Nay_Gevara with his caption "Your ebay listing clearly stated a 100% authentic storm trooper costume?"

And the Runner up with his caption "Darling! Its all working for me. The hair, the tin outfit... but the shoes? Darling the shoes have to go." is Niel Bushnell

Nay Gevara gets first choice of picture, and Niel gets the other.


Nay_Gevara said...

Cool, thanks Glazy, However my favourite has to be 'Captain Cameltoe', quality!

Anonymous said...

The winner was funny.

You spend a lot of time on this blog stuff. Do you have lots of spare time? Maybe we should do another huge FX film? Only with huge fx this time, and a script? What kinda huge fx would you like to do?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Mark you can't go wrong with Huge Spaceships and space Nympho's !! :)

Anonymous said...

You and Patrick should get together. So how many CG space shots could you do? And how good could you make it? And how long does it take? Maybe we could make a brilliant short? A Planet style film would take years again. But a short... I'll fink aboot it.

Moonwatcher said...

Sorry I missed this competition but I've been working away :(