Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blake's 7 - Liberator scale

Been in full geek mode with Niel Bushnell over on his Small Spaceships blog about the scale of the Liberator in Blake's 7. Although the ship is supposed to be huge there are inconsistencies with it's scale in quite a few episodes. Check ot the post over on his blog for 2 grown men acting like this is important.


TimeWarden said...

Don't worry, Andrew, women think size is important too!

mark said...

Allowing for some artistic licence I'll settle onthe Liberator being 75% of the mass Matt Irvine.

Sorry, sorry...I forgot his eyebows!



Andrew Glazebrook said...

The truth is that the ship was only a model and it's crew actors...but don't tell Niel !

Michael G Clark said...

You made me look at the models again, they are pretty smart. If the sales site worked it would be even better.

Probably just as well as I'd end up with the Liberator superglued to my fingers and end up looking a bigger twunt than usual.

Ray Smyth said...

There was a great interview with Martin Bower in an early issue of Starburst where I got the feeling that he was a little bit bitter towards the BBC effects team for treating his model badly.I think he said they used to drop it a lot and kept melting the engine sphere with the studio lights. Still's a fantastic design. It would be cool if it could make an appearance in the new Blakes 7 show that's in the works.

Mangamax said...

Hmm, will head over to that site in a mo.
But, yeah, there were contradictions in size - the second episode had the London (a prison ship taking quite a few prisoners on a long trek, so must've been big) alongside the Liberator, and was about a quarter of its size.
Then, in Duel i think, the Lib and a Pursuit Ship (3 man fighter, so guessing small) stop almost nose to nose. And they were nearly the same size.
Right, off to that site before turning off "pedantic geek mode" off.