Friday, June 27, 2008

Red Sonja with Rose McGowan

The original film of Red Sonja starring Bridget Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger directed by Richard Fleischer was a bit of a non event. Sandahl Bergman who played Valeria in Conan the Barbarian was initially cast as the Red Sonja, but decided on portraying Queen Gedren instead, to help avoid typecasting. Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally going to actually play Conan in the film but he ended up playing Kalidor who is pretty much Conan anyway. Now there's talk of a new Red Sonja film, I don't really see this as a remake as I'm sure they're not remaking the first film but doing a whole new story and adventure with a Sonja who's been around since 1973 and was probably inspired by Red Sonya who appeared in the short story The Shadow of the Vulture by Robert E.Howard in 1934.

Real-life husband and wife team Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan are getting involved in the Red Sonja remake reports USA Today.
Millennium Films previously announced plans to revive the classic Robert E. Howard-created sword and sorcery epic with David N. White attached to pen the script.

Rodriguez now confirms he'll produce the new film which is scheduled for a 2010 release. Douglas Aarniokoski will helm the feature which is scheduled to commence shooting in October.
Rodriguez and McGowan were remain attached to a remake of Barbarella but that project remains in limbo due to the strikes.

Source Dark Horizons


Rol said...

McGowan would do a better job than Bridget.

Then again, I could probably do a better job than Bridget.

TimeWarden said...

Rose is a good looking lass but, from my memories of "Charmed", not sure about her voice though!

allen said...

I just posted over on JIMSMASH re: the about Stacy Keibler

Moonwatcher said...

Rose McGowan is gorgeous, but I'm not sure if she's right for this.