Thursday, June 26, 2008

День Д (Day D)

A Russian remake of Schwarzenegger's Commando

If Matrix was here, he'd laugh too.

The original and best.

Trivia: Vernon Wells (Bennett) originally auditioned for the role of John Matrix.


Nik Holmes said...

Vernon Wells is a cool guy, but I always got the impression they were expecting Wez from Mad Max 2 but ended up with Freddie Mercury. I certainly wouldn't have told him otherwise mind.

Obviously the folks over at Weird Science were very clear in their notes however.

Michael G Clark said...

It's remake city isn't it? Are there no more stories left?

The guy in the Russian Commando looks kinda hard though, like he could squash Arni between his bum cheeks. Oh, I've no idea why I said that, I've got an image now...ewww.

allen said...

Michael needs medical attention.

I want one of those snow mobiles. It can go on any terrain but snow.

Brian Sibley said...

But the question is, will he be back?