Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Blog

I've created a new Blog which doesn't show up on my profile. It's called Andrew Glazebrook - Just my Artwork, and that's pretty much all it is, I've uploaded most of my art excluding some work in progress stuff, so it's viewable all on one page, it's divided into sections such as Hyperdrive, Science Fiction and Games and Low Poly etc... No comments can be left as this is just to show my art, and I'll be using my regular blog here for new updates.

New Blog HERE


Michael G Clark said...

Great to see all your stuff in one page. Never saw the final render of the Cavorite sphere before, lovely work.

Nice online CV without nutters (like me)leaving comments to frighten employers away. Good idea.

allen said...

SWEET! Ron and the boys at ITT Tech are going to be thrilled to see it all together.