Sunday, April 20, 2008

Been on Holiday !

The lack of updates last week was due to me and my family being away on Holiday. In typical British fashion we had fairly lousy weather with only a hint of sunshine. Still it was fun to get away for a while and we had a great time on GO APE at Dalby Forest which has some fabulous Zip Slides, sadly our youngest daughter was too young to enjoy the fun, but some friends of the family who were staying at the same place as us looked after her for the day, as it takes around 3 and a half to four hours to do the whole course.


allen said...

ZIP SLIDES! Very cool. My boys have been begging me to make one in our back yard from their tree house to the ground. My wife isn't so sure that it's a great idea.

I can relate on the opposite end of things with your daughter. We went to King's Island last year and I was too big to fit on any of the roller coasters or rides. Another vacation with me sitting on the side watching all of the normals have fun.

Glad your back.

Michael G Clark said...

Holidays are good, I just spend the weekend freezing in a tent in the highlands. Didn't get eaten by any moose though, so I'm happy.

Moonwatcher said...

Zip slides rule !