Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sarah Jane Adventures' heads to America

The Sarah Jane Adventures has reportedly been purchased by the Sci Fi Channel in America.

An article in the Los Angeles Times states that the Doctor Who spin-off, starring Elisabeth Sladen, will begin screening in the United States in April.

The CBBC show's creator, Russell T Davies, explained the differences between The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood: "There's death and despair, but less violence and more fun... [and] more hugs."

The BBC has yet to officially confirm whether the programme will be given a second series.


A second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures is on its way, the BBC has confirmed.

CBBC controller Anne Gilchrist today announced the return of the Doctor Who spinoff as well as several other drama signings.

Sarah Jane and Who creator Russell T Davies recently said fans should "hope and pray that it does return, because I love that show and I think it should run and run".

Source Digital Spy


Michael G Clark said...

Well done Sara Jane.

I see it's 24 episodes for SJA next season, that's nearly unheard of these days in the BBC. I always liked Liz Sladen, great to see her helming such a big show.

allen said...

She was always my second favorite companion.

Mystir S said...

As an American fan of both Doctor Who and Torchwood, this sounds like good news to me. Finers crossed that it pans out.
Side Note: Just surfed in and love the blog. I'm a huge Sci-fi geek. Saw your other blog, and I must say I am in awe of your modeling prowress. Peace!

TimeWarden said...

I enjoyed the second and third stories of the First Season of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" but thought that the last adventure was a complete mess! There was just way too much going on, computer-turned-bad was old hat, on top of which it was yet another outing for those pesky Slitheen!!

Moonwatcher said...

I didn't get to see a lot of series 1 but I heard it was fun,good to see it coming back.