Friday, February 08, 2008

The Lost Cosmonauts

It's commonly recognized that the first man in space was Yuri Gagarin (pictured above) , but some believe that Russia actually put a man into space 9 weeks before Gagarin, though his mission was not successful and this hero died during the flight, it was covered up for propaganda reasons. The site tells of 2 Italian brothers who at the time tracked many of the missions with their equipment near Turin, and tell of the Lost Cosmonauts.


TimeWarden said...

Interesting, Andrew, didn't know that. Being born in '59, I was just the right age to follow the space programme through the late Sixties to Armstrong and Aldrin's eventual first landing on the Moon. There are kids in school today who don't even know the names of these brave astronauts and the original cosmonaut.

Moonwatcher said...

Some interesting stuff on there. I heard a story about a Soviet rocket that exploded on take-off, they say it was one of the biggest non nuclear blasts ever recorded but the whole thing was covered up.