Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poll Results 3

So the Poll Results for the last two I ran are pretty much done. 2001:A Space Odyssey won Favourite Stanley Kubrick Film with 11 votes and Full Metal Jacket 2nd with 6 votes.
Eyes Wide Shut failed to get a single vote, it didn't surprise me though in a lot of ways.

The Incredibles won Favourite Pixar Film by 8 votes with Toy Story in 2nd place with 5 votes. The only film to get no votes was Cars
Out of all of the Pixar films Cars has always seemed to me the one that never really worked. I think people can accept talking fish, insects, toys etc... but for me talking cars just seems odd. Cars have doors so that people can get in and drive them, that's the purpose of a car, the cars in the film have side windows and rear windows that don't serve any function because there's nobody in there to see out of them.
They have towns that look like they've been crafted by man, buildings with brickwork etc... but all we see is the cars themselves, it seems stupid that a car could be a bricklayer. I know this is only a kids film but I think it would have worked better if the cars had carried a driver, kind of a team up with driver and car working together. Still it looked great to look at CG wise.

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allen said...

Totally agree with you on Cars...looked great, clever little story, great casting...but just odd.