Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fabulous 3D work by Matt Painter

I was on Luxology's site earlier, the makers of Modo a 3D modelling package. I was blown away by this work by a UK artist named Matt Painter. His Gremlins pics are amazingly close to the puppets made by Chris Walas for the first Gremlins film, his picture of them in the cinema looks like it might have come straight from the film, you can almost hear the gremlins laughing in this pic. Check out this superb turn around of his Gremlins model, truly amazing stuff.Gremlin Turntable Mov
His E.T model is equally fabulous, so much like the one from the film, again check out his turnaround of the model here E.T. Turntable Mov
I've mentioned a few times on this blog about how crap the CG Jabba the Hutt is in both it's incarnations in the Star Wars: Special Editions, ILM should have hired this guy !

Visit Matt's site here for his other super work http://www.matt-painter.co.uk/

Cheers Matt for letting me post this up.


Dylan said...

Wow they are really impressive. I thought the pics you put up were comparing his models on top with stills from the films, then I saw the unrendered versions at the bottom.

Moonwatcher said...

I love both of these films and that guys work is stunning to say the least. Hard to believe they're CGI.

Michael G Clark said...

But the model has all the textures... thats unpossible!

Nice work from the comically named chap.

On a different note, Pushing Daisies starts on ITV soon. Yay.