Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This weeks watching and reading has been...

Alien Apocalypse (2005) - Directed by Josh Becker
Laserblast (1978) - Directed by Michael Rae
Perry Rhodan 1:Enterprise Stardust (1969) by K.H Scheer and Kurt Mahr
Star Wars:Vault(2007) by Stephen J. Sansweet and Peter Vilmur
Special Effects:An Oral History (2005) by Pascal Pinteau

I was quite pleased to pick up the Star Wars:Vault for only £9.99 is the Christmas sales, especially as it's RRP was £40.


allen said...

Never heard of Star Wars Vault...curious.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

It's a unique slipcased collection celebrating 30 years of the most influential film franchise in cinema history, including dozens of rare facsimile items, many of which have never been published before.

Amazon says.
The Star Wars Vault is the insider's look at the development and making of all six movies, and the huge cultural impact they've had. In addition to hundreds of photos and pieces of artwork, the book includes fifty interactive, rare, and some never-before-seen pieces of memorabilia.

Among the book's features are:

* The special questionnaire for the first and only test screening of the original Star Wars — and the invitation to attend it
* George Lucas' hand-written treatment for The Empire Strikes Back
* Lucasfilm Christmas cards
* Iron-on T-shirt transfer
* The very first concept sketch drawn for Star Wars
* Blueprints of Star Wars vehicles and sets
* Original hand-written directions for ground-breaking special effects

The Star Wars Vault is the ultimate, one-of-a-kind insider's look into the sensation that launched a phenomenon that includes six feature films; two spin-off films; three television series with more to come; and an extensive collection of licensed books, comics, video games, action figures, trading cards, and many other products worldwide.

Some pretty cool stuff in there, then there's the downside, there's also some prequel crap in there too ! :)

allen said...

Cool and not cool...but generally, cool. I think that it is a Birthday gift I will request for Feb.

Moonwatcher said...

My local WH Smiths were selling the Star Wars Vault for £19.99 for quite a while. I had a leaf through a coly in there and it looked pretty cool, a mate of mine bought a similar book,I think it was called The Marvel Vault,all about Marvel Comics.

Feroze and Ravinder said...

I hated the vault, totally pointless. The ephemera was so ill judged. So much better was the recent Making of Star Wars hardback with it's deluxe storyboard extra's(as opposed to the pbk) and in depth detail, the Marvel Vault was okay, and at least had some repro drawings that were cool. That SFX book was excellent too, great little sections on Despretz, Dick Smith et al.

Feroze and Ravinder said...

Also spectacular was the Lorne Peterson book Building a Galaxy, the model making of star wars, now that is book you can peruse for hours.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Love that Lorne Peterson book,so much better to see miniatures etc... than a book of CG stuff !! I thought the Vault was overpriced so that's why I didn't get it, but £9.99 was a price that I liked so I got it cheap !! :)