Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poll Results 2

OK, here's the results of the 2nd lot of polls. Voting is still open but I think this is a decent representation.

So it comes as no surprise to me that the Favourite Peter Jackson Film amongst 50% of the voters was Fellowship of the Ring, for me by far the best of the 3 Lord of the Rings movies, you can tell Jackson really put a lot of effort into this film as both himself and New Line had a hell of a lot riding on this first film of the trilogy. I just love it for the variety of different Middle Earth locations we get to see, I love the Ring Wraiths in the first film also, they're a lot creepier, the ring itself has more presence too, always whispering, and like it's listening, I also love that shot where the ring is dropped in bag end and it lands like it weighs a ton. One of my favourite sequences is the Balrog and all the scenes in the mines of Moria.
King Kong on the other hand got no votes, I really disliked this film, Jackson took a 90 minute film and turned it into an overblown 3 hour movie, even longer on Special Edition DVD, one DVD I haven't picked up even when I've seen it cheap. Great FX but stuff like fighting 3 T-Rex's and a mass of stampeding dinosaurs was simply junk. Give me the 1933 version anytime !!

Favourite Doctor Who was interesting, I figured Tom Baker would win, still Davison got 6 votes, 2nd best to Tom Baker's 14. I thought Patrick Troughton might have picked up the odd vote, and it says a lot for Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy when even Paul McGann can get one more vote than them.


TimeWarden said...

If I could've had two votes I would've voted for Troughton. I'm always torn between him and Hartnell on favourite Doctor polls!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I always enjoyed the Troughton stories that I've seen, I think he was a pretty good Doctor !!

Moonwatcher said...

I liked Troughton in Tomb of the Cybermen, but I've not really seen many stories with the first 3 Doctor's.

paulhd said...

Always been a tie between Troughton and Tom Baker for me.
Jackson's King Kong was a waste of time and money, the worst kind of self indulgence.