Thursday, November 01, 2007


Jim posted recently about V on his blog here
So I thought I'd make a post about what I liked about the show from a non story standpoint.

One thing I did like about the show at the time and I think they're still cool are things like the mothership, and the interior sets. Now this is a big mothership, I think Independence Day went a tad overboard with the size of their ships, it was like they'd seen V and said he lets times that ship by a 100. A couple of shots were a bit duff looking FX wise, but most shots gave the ship a real nice sense of scale.

As for the inside of the ship not only did we see quite an impressive looking Hangar Bay, but we got some really sleek corridors etc... that had a really nice design to them.

I also really liked the ship design, the fighters were cool but I always loved the transport craft.The ship was modular so the front and back could be used to make fighter's, light transport, troop transport and fuel ships, seen in the background of the refinery picture.
The Visual Effects were pretty cool for a TV show, and the Blue Screen model work was pretty slick.

There's a pic of V creator Kenneth Johnson stood with the used Spacecraft, on the Warners back lot in 1988, it's a shame to see the ships bashed and broken like this. I'm sure they've long since been scrapped.

There's talk of V coming back to TV, it's listed on the IMDB as V: The Second Generation (2008) (mini-series) but if this will actually happen or not is anyone's guess.


Moonwatcher said...

V was a cool show at the time, but I'm not so sure they should bring it back again. Plus the actual weekly series was really naff from what I remember, I gave up watching that after a few weeks.

allen said...

The mini series rocked...the regular show sorta petered out toward the end. Very sad.

Dylan said...

Loved the mini series. I really liked the ship design too they had a sort of cobra look about them, I guess to reflect the fact the visitors were reptiles. The other thing I thought was really cool was the black helmets the troops wore and the gun designs. Later on they brought in more shiny gold bits to the uniforms an that looked a bit naff.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Yeah the costumes were cool too, but like you said it all went a bit naff with the gold trim, a bit more Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

Jim said...

Great post!