Friday, November 02, 2007

Channel 4 - 25 today

Hard to believe that it's been 25 years since Channel 4 started here in the UK.
I remember watching pretty much everything that evening, I think my parents went out around 7pm so there was nobody wanting to watch anything else. I do remember very well that first episode of Brookside, Walter with Ian McKellan and Five Go Mad in Dorset standing out as the better programmes that night. Hard to believe 25 years on and Carol Vorderman looks better than she did back then and is still doing Countdown.
I thought most TV was better then, I think it went downhill when Channel 5 started, now we have digi boxes I can never find much to watch at all.

Regarding the logo's above
Here are two Channel 4 Logo's that I animated some years back, I always love that logo as it was one of the first times CG had been used on TV. I remember reading just how long it took to do back then and thought I'd have a go myself. I did these in Max 3 and Vue 4 maybe about 4 years ago. The real logo ended up having different versions, and the Channel still has very inventive idents even now.

Here's the schedule for that first night.

4.45pm Countdown
5.15 Preview 4
5.30 The Body Show
6.00 The People's Court
6.30 Book Four
7.00 Channel 4 News
8.00 Brookside
8.30 The Paul Hogan Show (comedy sketch show)
9.00 Film on Four: Walter
10.15 The Comic Strip Presents: Five Go Mad in Dorset
10.45 In the Pink (A revue celebrating women's lives through music, poetry and dancing.)

25 facts from Channel 4's 25 years - Here

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TimeWarden said...

C4 has become much more mainstream with programming such as "Big Brother". Initially, it was committed to minority interests even investing heavily in their Film Four strand. F4 produced such films as Neil Jordan's take on Angela Carter's "The Company of Wolves" and the seemingly forgotten "Letter to Brezhnev" starring "Spooks" actor Peter Firth.

On the music front, C4 gave us "The Tube" presented, of course, by Jools Holland. I always felt too much time was spent larking around instead of getting on with the music although it was vastly superior to replacement show "The Word". I think Jools is better utilised now on BBC TWO presenting "Later..." and thirty series in perhaps bears testament to that!