Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Star Wars - Palitoy Adverts

Tying in with my post about the Marvel Star Wars comics are these adverts that run in the UK comic and were drawn by UK Comic Artist legend Brian Bolland.
I loved these ads when I was a kid, the top advert was showing what was the 2nd collection of figures to be released after the initial 12. Back in the days when Hammerhead was only called Hammerhead and he hadn't been given a name and back story etc... I love the fact that Bolland's drawings actually look like the figures, they're not fanciful doing things that the figures couldn't.

I had the Cantina and a mate had the Droid Factory, and I remember picking up the box with the Sandcrawler in at Romer Parrish's Toy Shop that used to be in town. The box with the Sandcrawler in was incredibly light so that put me off as a kid, figuring that it was probably pretty flimsy inside.

The bottom ad interests me as the top prize was for 'Six Boys or Girls to see the filming of the new Star Wars film' that being The Empire Strikes Back. It was design a Droid competition.
I often wonder who actually won this and if there visit featured anywhere as I don't recall it appearing in the actual comic.


Michael G Clark said...

Wow, why do I remember those so clearly? Oh yeah, I'm a geek.

Didn't know they were Bolland though, thought it was a draw-a-like. Excellent use of line that bloke.

paulhd said...

Um, I'm pretty sure I've got an article somewhere written by one of the winners of that competition, I'll have a rummage and see if I'm talking rubbish or not.
Really miss comic strip type ads like this, Frank Langford (think that's the name) did some ace ones for some Atari games and Space Invaders crisps..... Now there's two geeks!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I hadn't ever realised they were Bolland until I read about them in his book last year. Said he did quite a few at the time.
I remember those ads you're on about Paul.
I'd like to see that article if you can find it.

Nik Holmes said...

Another top post, thankyou Andrew! Too young to be reading the comics in 77, but remember the toys. Was astounded by the Droid factory and its limitless supply of toys it would produce. Obviously I read as far as the hundreds of droids part and then passed out with sheer excitement.

Wow, Romer Parrish, that place was like a childhood dream come true. Something not quite as exciting about toys r us.

paulhd said...

Just finished fishing around in my box of zines and I can't find the article I'm afraid. I'll have a hunt in a few other boxes but I've got a feeling it was in an issue of 'Vicious' I lost. Only thing I can remember about it was the Mark Hamill was really nice and seemed totally into the film and chatting to the winners. Not surprising really.

Moonwatcher said...

I so remember these, I loved that top one with Green Greedo on. Nice find.

Simon Worley said...

Wow, I'm so glad I found this blog! I entered the 'design a droid' completion around 1978 but couldn't recall it being a Palitoy promotion? I always believed it was through the 2000AD comic I used to get delivered every week but the competition was probably included of an issue of 2000AD back then.

The completion was to design a droid to be included in the forthcoming film (The Empire Strikes Back) but the ad suggests to be on set during filming, which again I can't recall. I didn't win but was a runner up receiving a Star Wars pencil case with pens, pencils and a geometry set. I'm sure a variation of my droid design was included in ESB ;) but I do remember how excited I was designing it and the drois's central ball traction movement and arms. Great fun!