Friday, November 09, 2007

Forbidden World - SAM-104

Don Olivera starred in the Roger Corman produced Forbidden World in 1982 as the robot SAM-104, from what I read at the time Don was an FX man who had made the suit in his spare time just for fun, not being one to waste anything the suit with Don wearing it ended up being pressed into action for the film to save what meager budget they had. Always thought it had a neat look to it, kind of part Stormtrooper part early Cylon Concept by Ralph McQuarrie.
The other actor in the scene here is Jesse Vint who starred in Silent Running with Bruce Dern.
Oh and to show just how low budget Forbidden World was, those are egg boxes/trays on the back wall of the Spaceship.
Read more about the film Here


Michael G Clark said...

You can just tell what the actor is thinking in the photo.

"What the F*** have I done?"

mmm egg boxes

allen said...

I wonder if Lucas will buy the rights to the film and put blue stripes on the robot like the clones. It is odd how much it looks like a storm trooper.

Moonwatcher said...

From the description on that site it sounds like a film to see quickly or avoid badly :)