Tuesday, October 02, 2007

They say...

...that old habits die hard. Now I'm not talking about exposing myself in the Lingerie department of Marks and Spencers, besides that CCTV footage was far too grainy to get a positive identification of me, er I mean the culprit. No I'm talking about my collecting of junk. Now when I used to make models this came in useful, though I work mainly in CG these days I still can't give up hoarding interesting bits and pieces.

The picture here is just a small amount of what I collected from our household over a few weeks, everything from plastic milk bottle tops, old used Asthma inhalers, lids off deodorants, I also have been known to ask for empty till rolls if I've seen them by the check out if I'm in a Supermarket. When I worked at the Odeon Cinema they used to keep a box where they cashed up full of the old till rolls for me to take home, and the boxes the unfolded Popcorn Cartons came in had a really sturdy piece of card wedged in about every 50 boxes, again I used to nab these.
It's when I looked at this pile of junk in the corner of my attic from the last few weeks that you really do appreciate just how much packaging etc... goes to waste, or how over packaged products have become. Biscuits which would be fine in a box come in a vac formed plastic container that slides out of the box, the biscuits go in a biscuit barrel and all the packaging gets binned. It's hard to imagine just how much of this type of stuff just the residents of my Street throws out in a week.
Anyway I'm hoping to get some use out of my old junk soon, in the New Year I have a project I'm in the early stages of planning and I want to use a fair bit of real world stuff like props and models as well as CG, so by then I should have a load more junk to work with, to go with my 20 years worth of kit parts etc... :)

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Annie said...

Hi Andrew, you're not from Coronation Street are you? You remind me of Roy Cropper!!!!!

Trevor and I were in your neck of the woods today... working at the James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough. Hope you and family are all OK. Annie