Monday, October 01, 2007

Starship Exeter - The Tressaurian Intersection

Now I'm not normally a huge follower of fan made films of things like Star Wars and Star Trek, but the guys who make Starship Exeter really have nailed the look of the original show with their 2nd adventure The Tressaurian Intersection.
In the first adventure The Savage Empire scenes on the bridge were blue screened, now they have a full scale replica of the bridge and other parts of the ship. Sadly it has a few problems performance wise, but I suppose these aren't 100% professionals so they do a good job.
But it's worth a watch. Great FX that really capture the feel of the old 60's Star Trek adventures. Opening/Titles 30MB
Act 1
Act 2 Act 3

oh yeah Act 4 is still in development so you'll have to wait to see what the outcome is.



allen said...

That's either REALLY cool or terribly sad. It is amazing at how much it feels like the old show. Camera angles, shaky cam and lighting all seem so familiar. I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole 'fan film' thing (thus the 'sad' comment).

allen said...

Just visited their site. Man, these guys are really serious.

Moonwatcher said...

They were really cool,loved all the old sound FX that they've got too. I thought the look of it was very accurate.

allen said...

Just watched the first one. The sets, costumes and all are amazing. The attention to detail is great. The acting is a bit stiff at times, but it's better than most fan films.