Friday, October 12, 2007

No Hyperdrive Series 3

Kevin Cecil one of the writers of Hyperdive has announced that there won't be a 3rd Series.

Sorry everyone but there won't be a third series of Hyperdrive.

The BBC said that they really liked it and that we should be very proud of it but not enough people watched it to warrant making more.

We'd like to thank everyone on this board for their support of the show. We're very pleased that we got to make two series. We really enjoyed doing it.



You can see some of the work I did on Hyperdrive by clicking Here


Michael G Clark said...

You did some great work on that show and I'm sorry for all involved that it won't continue.

Even though I had to watch it on fast forward for the ship shots, it's never good when all that effort is cut short.

Steve said...

I didn't "get" the first series but it all seemed to click into place on the second. Sorry to hear it's been pulled.

Moonwatcher said...

That's a shame Andrew, still I'm sure you'll find another SF show to build ships for soon, a man of your talent.

moif said...

Though I loved the ship, I hated the show. Sorry, but the whole Brits in space lark left me yawning.