Wednesday, September 19, 2007

'Lord Of The Flies In Real Life'

I love nonsense like this, when it says the kids were left on their own, yeah left on their own with a camera crew filming them, people seem to forget where the footage is actually coming from. I remember a documentary a few years back with some actress who's meant to be in the middle of nowhere in a tent trying to survive, we get camcorder footage that she's recorded herself just before she goes to sleep for the night, but then from outside we get high quality TV footage of the light in her tent going off, hardly by herself then eh !?,,30200-1284815,00.html


allen said...

Reality TV is so unreal. I've read stories of camera crewmen passing food from 'the buffet' to the players on Survivor.

Steve said...

This is a dumb premise for a show. In what kind of reality are kids ever left to fend for themselves for 40 days? Oh yeah... when they're being neglected by abusive parents. And Americans want to see this happen on TV??

Michael G Clark said...

Battle Royale I say, that'll learn them.

Imagine the ratings!

Mind you, my proposal for this year's Big Brother was turned down for the same reason. Apparently live fire weapons and absinthe aren't allowed in the big brother house... poofs.

Moonwatcher said...

Reality TV sucks.