Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Fright Night" Remake Planned

Yet another film that doesn't need remaking, and if the remake is going in a different direction like the article says then why call it a remake, why not just an original film or a sequel ? Oh well.

Shock Till You Drop
reports that Sony's Screen Gems is currently seeking a writer to pen a remake of the 1985 vampire classic Fright Night.

The original followed teenage horror film fan Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) who believes a vampire (Chris Sarandon) has moved into the large house next door.

He soon seeks the help of veteran vampire movie star Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall) who, along with his friend and girlfriend, think he's mentally ill. It was successful enough to spawn a sequel in 1988.

Producer Scott Strauss ("Breach"), who was previously attached, apparently wants to take the story in a different direction - one involving an amusement park.

Source Dark Horizons


Nik Holmes said...

I don't mind pointless remakes like Rob Zombies 'Halloween' seeing as it ends all those insufferable sequels, or reworkings of movies which were books originally such as The Bourne Identity. Heck, I love the Dawn of the Dead remake if only because I see it as a superior Zombie flicjk rather than a remake.

But Fright Night was such a classic simply because it got everything right within itself as a product of its time, a teen horror comedy of the 80's. I agree, why not just call it a sequel or something else altogether? Like 'RollerCoaster Vampires'?

Just please, let them leave Vamp alone...

Michael G Clark said...

Another remake of something that doesn't need remade. Hollywood is really eating itself.

I like'd the original, it was fun, scary and 80's.

paulhd said...

Oh dear. There really is no need for this, the original was fine.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Well, it makes sense given that the original was reasonably successful. Evidently investors believe there's money to be made again.

Not sure that a remake ends insufferable sequels however, as it's quite possible a remake could spawn its own.

Moonwatcher said...

I love the original Fright Night, I can't see a remake being better to be honest.

Nik Holmes said...

True, remakes don't end insufferable sequels, but I have to admit I enjoyed the sequels to the Hills have Eyes and TCM remakes more than the original 1980's sequels.

Also I must say that every film so far from Dark Castle Pictures has had a big thumbs up from me (except Ghost Ship), maybe because they stray so far from the original material while still retaining a love of the genre.

Others may strongly disagree, but one film I still think does need a reboot is Friday the 13th. Considering everyone knows the formula, Hockey mask wearing serial killer offs a load of Camp Counsellors in the woods, out of the 10 installments so far (11 including FvJ) I think only part 3 actually follows that formula, and that was in 3D. Every other chapter from 5 onwards has some weird spin on it to the point where Jason X, though fun, was more like a SciFi channel movie even becoming a parody at its lowest points. Someone needs to look at movies like The Burning and My Bloody Valentine and remember where these classic slashers came from. This is where the likes of Eli Roth should be focus, his Thanksgiving trailer was a hundred times more appealing to an old gorehound like me than Jason in Space.