Monday, July 16, 2007

The Strokes - You Only Live Once

A 2001:A Space Odyssey inspired video


DanO said...

i'll match that Strokes video with this one by Man Or Astroman, which is an homage to 2001, and Barbarella, and has a couple Cylons thrown in.
Hell, its right up your alley:

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Quality !! But what have I told you about putting things right up my alley !?
I'm trying to recall the Lenny Kravitz vid that was very 2001 looking,can't seem to find it on You Tube though.

moif said...

Yeah, lets send a message to the stars telling every one what a bunch of war mongering pricks we are!

Fraser Lovatt said...

Nice - and shows just how beautifully designed 2001: A Space Odyssey was when it can "inspire" a contemporary music video and still look great.