Monday, July 16, 2007

Mystery Alien

I was watching my Battle Beyond the Stars DVD the other evening and on the extras there's a simple quiz that if you get correct leads to a slide show of Pics and Behind the scenes stills from the movie. There are 2 of an Alien with a gun that doesn't appear in the movie and there are no captions to explain who he is and why he's not in the final film. He reminds me a bit of the bad guys from The Last Starfighter though.

Edit: Actually looking at this I think he may fit in as a bounty hunter after Robert Vaughn's character Gelt who is in hiding when Shad (Richard Thomas) finds him, the place where Gelt is hiding is a dark old abandoned gambling complex/world. Then again I could be wrong.


allen said...

I have got to watch that movie again...I remember when it was on TV for the first time and my mom watched it...she was passing by when Vaugn's character made a comment about eating snakes, I think, and she wanted to see what he looked like...odd memory, that.

This alien has WAY TOO BIG of a gun.

BTW, posted more DA stuff as well as a storm trooper invasion of Fort Wayne.

Michael G Clark said...

You love that film you do.

By the way, I also thought all the tubes behind the alien was it's weapon (instead of the kid's sparky gun he's holding). I want to see a big gun like that in a film now.

allen said...

I loved the idea that he could hold a weapon that was that I am sad. It's just pipes in the background.

Nik said...

You know chances are your right Andrew, but I also recognise him from another Corman gem, SpaceRaiders, as the camp alien co-pilot to Man's Man Space Captain Hawk.