Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tractor Fight

This has got to be the best Tractor Fight I've seen... actually this has got to be the only Tractor Fight I've seen.


allen said... boy...that was...well, a tractor fight like none I've ever seen. And I live in INDIANA! The best part, aside from the fact that our hero is strong enough to 'lift' his own tractor and make it jump the others, was the fact that the long shots showed the mud shooting out from the tractor wheel is only a foot off the ground but in the closeups, it's soaking the bad guys. What is this from?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Not sure, just some Bollywood movie. Looks great, I hope they have a scene like this in Indy 4 !! :)

Jim said...

Awesome clip and hilarious post!
Love the Indy4 dig comment, too!

Steve said...

The man from Del Monte... he say yes!

paulhd said...

One days all films will look like this.... I hope.

allen said...

After viewing this scene, there was another You Tube clip of a guy on a horse being chased by a jeep and he 'slide/rides' the horse under a truck trailer bed. The horse slides on it's side. The pest part is that you can see the leg supports on the plastic horses legs as it emerges from under the truck...we need a horse in our movie.

Moonwatcher said...

Ha Ha Ha ! Amazing stuff.