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Cruise of the Gods (2002)

I missed Cruise of the Gods when it first aired on TV, but bought it on the recommendation of a few mates maybe 2 years back, they'd caught it and thought I'd like it. I picked up a copy cheap and found that it was fabulous fun.

Plot summary:
Andy ( Rob Brydon) is a struggling actor who has never quite reached the success of his first role as Romak in sci-fi series Children Of Castor. When he finds himself as a hotel porter he decides it time to go on that fan-club cruise he's been putting off for a while. Whilst there he meets Nick (Steve Coogan), his co-star from the TV series. Nick is now a Hollywood success staring in Sherlock Holmes...In Miami. This is the story of the cruise and the surprising events that happen along the way.

If you grew up like I did watching shows like The Tomorrow People, SF shows that made Doctor Who look big budget then you can see what sort of inspiration they used for The Children of Castor. The segments you see of the show are rather like those you see of the show in Galaxy Quest, and in some respects the whole thing of fans showing up dressed as characters and quoting the shows lines echoes those sequences from that film aswell, and the William Shatner 'Get a Life' skit on SNL - William Shatner on SNL
Rob Brydon's character of Andy van Allen is totally uninterested in taking part in the events that Jeff Monks (David Walliams) has set aside with the aid of Russell (Jeff Corden), who has what appears to be an unnatural obsession with Andy. There's a great line from Walliams about when they had John Pertwee on board years earlier for a Doctor Who convention and how he not only signed everyone's autographs but he took some drinking straws from the bar, placed some hanging out of each sleeve and threw in a Worzel Gummidge performance for free. The shows writer Hugh Bispham (Philip Jackson) has a few revelations for the fans as to the origins of the Children of Castor's character names. And Jenny (Helen Coker) doesn't so much have the hots for Andy van Allen but for Romak the character he played in the show. One of the more memorable characters even though he only ever spoke the same line twice in The Children of Castor opening credits is Graham (Niall Buggy) And a super, but sad moment when Andy finds a message left by Graham on his Camcorder.
During a beach Volleyball game, Andy van Allen goes out for a swim is picked up by Nick Lee (Steve Coogan) the other main star of The Children of Castor, the reaction and line spoken by David Walliams when Andy returns to the beach with Nick Lee is priceless.
I highly recommend Cruise of the Gods and can be picked up for £7.99 from - Cruise Of The Gods

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