Thursday, April 05, 2007

Todays - Google Earth - TV location.

The Kebab & Calculator Pub in The Young Ones episode 'Boring' the exterior actually being The Cock O' The North Public House, Henleaze, Bristol, England, UK, the UK's only round pub.


allen said...

That is so crazy...I was just remembering the episode where the long haired dude (Nigel?) is singing "Hello Darkness My Old Friend..." in the tub of mud after the power goes off...we used to watch that back during our college days. Didn't they all die in the end going over a cliff?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

You could say they all died in the very loosest sense of the word,seeing as though in one episode Vivian had a pick axe through his head and his head knocked off by a passing train in another !

allen said...

I remember the pick axe...not the train. But haven't we all taken an axe to the head now and again?