Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Star Wars toys...or really scraping the barrel !

It seems these days Lucas really will release a toy of anything ! A statue maybe, but toys to go with every other minor character that had a 2 second scene in a Star Wars movie, so now they've exhausted all of those they're releasing figures of the concept art. It's not even a very good sculpt of the painting, it looks way too chunky for one thing.


paulhd said...

Arrgh! Clearly Lucas just likes upsetting ex-fans (and fleecing still-fans), he's got pretty good at it too

allen said...

I don't so much mind the action figure thing...but I agree with Andrew...these sculptures suck. They don't even look like the painting. It reminds me of the years just before Phantom came out and the new action figures were released. Leah was almost more buff than Luke and Luke looked like he could give Superman a run for his money. I think worse than these sculptures are the combo Star Wars Figures/Transformers that I saw in the store. Do we really need an Obi wan that turns into a spaceship? And now they even have Obi Wan with these super huge muscles, Big hands and feet and a shield and helmet!

LDahl said...

.....oh, I am terrible..oh,
I actually like these and would want them.
There is something so old school Fritz Lang/Metropolis about them.

kevin said...

Yeah, why make some cool figs based on the art that predates the films, when they can make the 167th version of Darth Vader. Or maybe they should just stop making more action figures all together, because you feel they've run out of worthwhile characters, even though they will sell and make money, just so they don't upset an ex-fan.