Sunday, April 29, 2007

Flash Gordon DVD

Due for release later in the year, 7th of August is the date listed, this new version features a cover by comic book artist Alex Ross.
Extras will include a Alex Ross on Flash Gordon documentary in which world-renowned comic artist talks about his favorite movie of all time, Flash Gordon, and about how the film has inspired him in his life and work, also included is a 'Writing a Classic' featurette with screenwriter Lorenzo Semple Jr, and a Flash Gordon 1936 Serial Episode (chapter one of Planet of Peril).
I've already got Flash Gordon on DVD, when I bought the 2nd release not so long ago I passed on my older copy to a mate, hopefully this version will be the last one they release.


Nik said...

Well maybe no-one else cares, but I sure do and I don't want to see this post go unloved.
Flash is one of my favourite memories of cinema going as a child. It was the first film I knew I was going to see BEFORE I actually got there, I knew all about Flash Gordon thanks to Buster Crabb, I collected the photo-cards in boxes of Weetabix and my Mother was a huge Queen fan so I even knew the theme tune. Yes, it was a long, long, long Sunday afternoon waiting to go see it! When the lights went down and those comic strip visuals flashed across the screen everyone joined in singing the theme tune and I loved every minute of it!
I waited a long time for a Spec Ed of Flash, and thought the Silver Anniversary was it, but such is my love for this film I really don't mind shelling out a second time.

Go Flash, Go!

Of course maybe I just love it because at the age of six I got to hear Pierce Brosnan say 'Bastard!"

Andrew Glazebrook said...

It was Timothy Dalton who said the classic 'Freeze you Bloody Bastards' line, I think you have your 007's mixed up Nik :)

Moonwatcher said...

Alex Ross's artwork is fabulous,and this is a great movie.

Nik said...

Soooo ashamed!
Actually, it WAS Mr Brosnan! He was sat just behind me in the ABC Middlesbrough, and was impressing his friends with his rude, bawdy behaviour. After the film he poured fruit gums and kia ora on the floor then left the fire escapes open! Of course this was before he made The Untouchables and got all respectable, but was still living off his fame as The Saint.

The cad!

DanO said...


I don't know about you guys in the UK, but no DVD of Flash Gordon is available here in the states presently and there hasn't been one released bu one limited run a loooong time ago. they go for $90.00 used on Amazon. I hope this is released here as well. coem to think of it i'm going to go check on it right now...