Sunday, March 04, 2007

Eclipse 3 - 3 - 07

Managed to get a couple of pics of the Eclipse with my Digi Camera. At first I thought it was the planet Mongo bombarding the moon with some sort of weapon !

Doctor Hans Zarkov: Check the angular vector of the moon!


I. N. J. Culbard said...

Excellent pics. I thought it looked like a bloodshot eye and I think the first picture you have here certainly captures some of that.

TimeWarden said...

Send them to Patrick Moore on "The Sky at Night", he might use them. April 1st is the 50th anniversary of the programme and he has presented all but one edition! Can you believe that? That's real dedication. He was 84 yesterday!!

kend said...

wow, an these pics are impressive!

Jim said...

Awesome pics.
Hilarious post.

Michael G Clark said...

Much better photos than I managed with my 3 pixel compact brownie. It was a very impressive occlusion, loved the red moon.

Did have to stich my ears back on after standing outside for an hour though.