Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blade - TV Series

I enjoyed all 3 of the Blade movies starring Wesley Snipes, yes even the 3rd one. Now they've done a TV series of this character. The TV series stars rap artist Sticky Fingaz as the now shaven headed Blade. I'll give this show the benefit of the doubt for now, I'm sure it'll be good fun when all said and done !!


jobeykowski said...

I was pleasantly suprised by the third one, thought it would be rubbish. I thought maybe the ending with the werewolf was an indication that those two actors might be back for more. Maybe they'll do it as a film. Favourite quote from Blade 3...."Cootchie cootchie coo"

DanO said...

i can't say i'm sold on the actor playing Blade. he's a little too puffy, young, and soft looking.
-but i'm almost positive the show will be good.
i know the writer for it.