Monday, April 17, 2006

Sgt Bilko DVD

A TV show I grew up watching is finally getting a DVD release, The Phil Silvers Show or Sgt Bilko as most people know it, the show ran from 1955-1959 for 4 seasons. Silvers a comedy hero of mine, who I found out a few years back I also share a Birthday with, stars as Sgt. Bilko who is in charge of the Motor Pool at Fort Baxter. Bilko is the ultimate con man, and runs every money making scheme that he thinks he can pull off. The show was also the basis for the Top Cat cartoon which ran from 1961-1962, Maurice Gosfield who played Private Duane Doberman in Sgt Bilko also voiced the Top Cat character Benny the Ball.

The DVD is due for release: 09/05/2006

The Region 1 DVD is available for £17.99 from

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