Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Doctor Who - Series 2 : Episode 1

This episode entitled New Earth was a very lightweight adventure for the Doctor and Rose for the most part, written by Russell T. Davies it really lacked a solid plot, what it did have was bags of humour, excitement etc... that Davies tends to bring to the Episodes he writes. I think he writes more about the characters than the situations for the most part, and in that respect he's very good.
The elements that fell a bit flat in New Earth were the visual ones, the external shots of 'New New York' and the 'Medical Centre' for the most part were pretty good, what spoiled the shots were the vehicles, also a city that was Billions of years in the future didn't really seem to be very technologically advanced, they still had standard elevators that hung on cables, a section of set filmed inside a paper mill, a location also used in the first series Episode Rose, really didn't say this is a state of the art medical facility 2 Billion years from now, it said this is the BBC getting a bit in over their heads with their ideas. The shows Make-up FX were nice on both the Cat Nurses and the Infected.
David Tennant and Billie Piper worked well together though, and as I keep having to remind people this is still a family show, I think some people want Doctor Who to be dark and sinister and serious every episode, hopefully if this series is anything like last we'll get a nice mix of fun and scary stories for all the family to enjoy, after all 8 million viewers on Saturday night weren't all Sci-Fi Anoraks...I hope !!!!

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