Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Lance Henriksen

70 today !

Seen in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Damien: Omen II but it wasn't until The Terminator and Aliens that people started to really notice this guy, great in Near Dark, Pumpkinhead, The Quick and the Dead amongst others, he's been in a shed load of stuff over the years !


allen etter said...

Lets not forget the TV series Millennium. Season one was fantastic, as was the first half of season two. First half of season three was also bad, but then the series got a lot better during its final episodes leading to Lance's guest spot on X Files.

Gordon Fraser said...

Can't believe he's 70!...Frikkin ell I feel old!

Moonwatcher said...

I wouldn't have said he looked 70.