Thursday, April 01, 2010

Splinter of the Minds Eye - comes to TV

As and 11 year old back in 1978 and a huge fan of Star Wars I remember the day I went to the local newsagent with my mother, and up there on the book shelf was a Star Wars book, amazed by this find I went pocket money in hand to snap up this find. The book was Splinter of the Minds eye written by Alan Dean Foster, who had also written the novelization of Star Wars, even though George Lucas gets the final credit. I read this new book in a single day, and loved it, after all it was Star Wars, and this was back when they hadn't even announced what the sequel to the first film was even going to be called. My only disappointment was the fact that it didn't feature Han or Chewbacca. Later in the mid 90's this novel was turned into a comic by by Terry Austin and Chris Sprouse for Dark Horse Comics. Now there's news that this tale will be turned into an animated TV film by the same team behind the popular CGI Clone Wars animated series. How this will work is a bit puzzling, as it really throws the continuity of the series by having Luke fight Vader before their duel on Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back. The novel itself had a strange inconsistency, this being that during the lightsaber fight between Luke and Darth Vader, Vader states that he knows Luke is the pilot that shot him out of the way during the Death Star trench run, when it was Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon who fired the shots that disrupted the course of Vader's fighter.
I look forward to seeing what they do with this, I know Anthony Daniels will no doubt be up for doing C3-PO's voice as he voices the character in the Clone Wars, and Mark Hamill has a track record of doing cartoon voice overs, it just makes me wonder if they can get Carrie Fisher interested in voicing Leia ?!

Mind you Lucas hasn't been strong on series continuity recently, in an episode of Clone Wars from series one, Anankin travels to the Lava planet of Mustafar, later to be seen in Revenge of the Sith, in this episode we see the the base there fall into the Lava and the bad guy Separatists flee this planet, so why would they later go back ?!


Dylan said...

Hmmm, what's the date today?

Did you ever read the secret history of Star Wars, it had a cool section on Splinter, how it was written as a possible cheapie sequel if Star Wars hadn't done too well.

Cliff Robinson said...

I saw this post earlier today, in fact only seconds after putting down my copy of the 'Splinter' graphic novel. Coincidence or am I in touch with 'The Dark Side'?

allen etter said...

Yeah...coming to TV. This is one of your best April 1 gags.

Cheers to you.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I was rumbled pretty quickly with this one !! :)

allen etter said...

I did remember reading it and was quite excited about seeing it made into the next movie. But it seemed kinda darker than the first Star Wars and I was glad when Empire came out instead.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Nearly had me going there. Reading days after it's post date helped.

Splinter is mostly mad, even loopy-boy Lucas wouldn't sanction this as a movie.

But he'd happily give the go ahead to a Star Wars Christmas special with Chewie's wanky dad, Itchy!