Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Blake's 7 Visual FX : Part 3 - Worst Android effect ?

Quite possibly the worst attempt at an android head ever, from the episode Project Avalon. It's naff because it's literally chroma-keyed in and it seems to float about as the head and camera aren't still, plus if they've removed some sort of panel from the side of here head then how come her hair goes behind the supposed hole ?!


allen etter said...

Wow...that is sad...makes some of my early 8mm attempts at film making rather good.

Mangamax said...

Yep, very silly. And didn't some of the parts go up and down in a silly way too?
Thought Sarah Jane's face falling off in "The Android Invasion" was the worst it could ever be - and a few years later this came along...

Michael Grant Clark said...

I remember that one. Even as a little youngling at jedi academy I shouted "bollocks" at it.

As Allen said, when we were kids our super 8 stuff was better than that. They had no excuse.

Of course there's still a bit of that in the old BBC today, where a glaringly rubbish effect is "simply marvellous," to the executive producer and crew. I think being gay makes your eyes see differently?

Oh, did I say that?

allen etter said...

Ummm...I'm tellin' on Michael. That was politically incorrect! Ha.

The effect sorta reminds me of "Greatest American Hero", when Ralph would get a vision. It would appear as a hole in whatever he was looking at.