Thursday, January 07, 2010

2010 Costumes - Oscar Nomination

As a follow up to my post about 2010:The Year We Make Contact I thought I'd mention something that really disturbed me about the Oscar's for 1984, amongst the five films nominated that year for 'Academy Award for Best Costume Design' was Patricia Norris for 2010. They brought on some extras dressed in costumes from the film, to some funky Sci-Fi music and had a few of them doing robotic dancing, pretty crummy. My surprise was that it was even nominated, after all 3 of the costumes the extras were wearing came straight from 2001:A Space Odyssey, those been the red spacesuit, the dark coloured smoking jacket and a white bed robe Bowman wears as an old man, the rest of the films costumes are made up of stock overalls covered in patches, seen already in better films like 2001,Dark Star, Silent Running and Alien, T-Shirts and men in suits, and the NASA looking spacesuits I mentioned in my 2010 critique. This and the fact that Bob Ringwood who designed the wonderfully original costumes for David Lynch's Dune that same year didn't even get a nomination. Look at the photos and judge for yourself, but I know which one I would have nominated out of the two.

The eventual winner that year was Theodor Pistek for Amadeus


crookymike said...

They were tek-ing the pis

allen etter said...

Dune was robbed. The costumes were the best part.

But yeah, the costumes in 2010 seemed to look like the crew had stepped off the Nostromo.