Friday, December 18, 2009

Rest on Peace - Dan O'Bannon

A very sad day to hear that Dan O'Bannon has passed away aged 63. O'Bannon was involved with some of my Favourite movies, he wrote the story and screenplay for Alien, he wrote and starred in John Carpenter's Dark Star as Sgt Pinback, he directed one of my favourite Zombie films The Return of the Living Dead, as well as being involved in writing Total Recall, Lifeforce, Blue Thunder, Dead & Buried and Screamers. He also worked on the computer animation and graphic displays for Star Wars. Such a pity that he only ever directed 2 films himself, the other being The Resurrected based on a H.P Lovecraft story.

Such a shame, rest in peace Dan !!!


Fraser Lovatt said...

RIP Bill Fruge!

james corcoran said...

Nor should we forget his work with Moebius on the Long Tomorrow.

Michael Grant Clark said...

He wasn't even an astronaut, poor thing.