Monday, September 07, 2009

Zombie Poll

Do you prefer your movie Zombies to move slow or fast
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Watching a bit of Charlie Brooker's Dead Set tonight on E4, noticed they'd gone for the fast zombie's like those from the remake of Dawn of the Dead or the infected from 28Days Later, as opposed to the slower lumbering zombie's from George A.Romero Zombie films such as Night, Dawn, Day and Land of the Dead movies or the spoof Shaun of the Dead.
Do you prefer the slower zombie's, which in my opinion make more sense, as the muscles that drive their bodies is rotting the older they get, or the faster zombie's ?
I do prefer the slower, but in greater numbers threat of a zombie army, saying that, one of my favourite undead movies is Dan O'Bannon's Return of the Living Dead, in which some zombie's do move pretty sharpish !! :)


Moonwatcher said...

I voted for slow.

Ray Smyth said...

The first five minutes of Zach Snyders "Dawn" is simply white knuckle brilliance. Introducing speed to the zombie lore really amps up the tension as it also did in 28 days later even though the folks in that weren't technically zombies.
That said, 28 weeks later was utter rubbish...flying a chopper at a 45 degree angle with your blade tips within six feet of the ground! Such a departure from the logical sense of the first one.

crookymike said...

Technically Zombies should be slow because they are re-animated corpses, but nowadays the word has become too generalised to include infected but still alive people which would be able to move quickly.

Jim said...

Slow all the way

zombob said...

Slow is creepier because that's how we really move.