Saturday, August 08, 2009

Caroline Munro signing session

Went with my mate Paul Atkinson up to the Wow Factor in Darlington this morning to meet someone I've adored since I was a kid. Caroline Munro, Bond Girl and Actress in many films of the 70's I grew up on such as Golden Voyage of Sinbad, At the Earth's Core, Starcrash amongst others.

Got a picture signed and my Starcrash DVD, and another pic for a mate. She was lovely to meet, a very warm and friendly person, and still a looker at 59 !!
Remember first seeing her in At the Earth's Core when I was 10 at School for our Christmas film in the hall.

Great to meet her !!!


Steve said...

59? Cor. Let's hear it for older women!

Mangamax said...

Totally agree - a lovely lady, and the main attraction in a lot of her films: At The Earths Core (that outfit!), Captain Kronos, Stella Starr and an even bigger draw than Ray Harryhausens creations in Golden Voyage (heresy i know but, hey!, i was 14 at the time)

Michael Grant Clark said...

I r gel-louse.

She's looking better now than she was 10 years ago, how does that happen? That must have been great to meet her. Was she being followed around by a horde of men in their 40's? I would have been one of them.

You're looking very fit as well, sir. Nice photos.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I said to my mate on the way there, I doubt there'll be anyone younger than say 30 who'd probably know who she is, only a handful of people there while we were there, but we did arrive first thing ! The blonde haired girl in the picture is one of here daughters. Caroline was a really lovely person to meet, so glad I found out about this, it was through this blog I found it Monster Island News

Moonwatcher said...

Oh wow ! Caroline is a goddess, I loved her in Golden Voyage of Sinbad,and how sexy was she as the helicopter pilot in The Spy Who Love Me ? Very jealous.

Inchy said...

That's a mighty fine tshirt there.
I've got the Nostromo one and the Sulaco one should be in the post somewhere around the midlands as we speak . . . chat . . . type, whatever!

Inchy said...

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I can't believe I focused on your bloody tshirt and completely missed the uberGILF next to you.

I must have swine flu!

Mangamax said...

Heh, was equal parts looking at Ms Starr and the t-shirt - got me the Nostromo and Nexus 6 from those guys meself