Friday, July 03, 2009

This weeks watching and reading has been...

Hardware (1990) - Directed by Richard Stanley
Mutant Chronicles (2008) - Directed by Simon Hunter
The Caves of Androzani (1984) Directed by Graeme Harper
3D Artist#4 (2009) Published by Image Publishing
A Century of Model Animation (2008) by Ray Harryhausen & Tony Dalton
Cinefex#118 (2009) by Published by Don Shay


Mangamax said...

Hardware and Caves... both, for me, have moments of brilliance coupled with nastiness that is uncalled for.
Hardware - could do without the pervy neighbour, but is made up for by the stunning robot.
Caves... - could do without the quite graphic violence, but is made up for by Peri's stunning baps.

allen said...

I forgot all about Hardware...odd, but cool movie.

Should have some info regarding the magazines in the next day or so. Sorry it's taken a while. Been swamped with the new movie.

Niel Bushnell said...

Who would have thought we'd see real models in Cinefex again. You must be spent!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I am !!!!