Friday, June 19, 2009

Alien Makers

Very nice 80 minute documentary interviewing lots of model crew who worked on Alien. Rone Hone, Roger Nichols, Neil Swan, Brian Eke, John Hatt, Martin Bower, Simon Deering, Jon Sorensen, Bill Pearson all contribute.

Click the above pic for the link !


Inchy said...

Damn you Glazebrook, I'm going to have to watch Alien again now!
Such a chore.

It's amazing to see just how slap-dash things seemed to be back then, yet still generate fantastic results. I never realised just how large the model of the Nostromo was for the landing sequence, it's bloody huge!

I saw Transformers last night and even though CGI works, there's still something special about doing things the old fashioned way.
Good stuff.

Graeme Neil Reid said...

Enjoyed the documentary very much but I couldn't get the CGI model animations while talking about old school model making? Still an interesting watch.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Yeah a pretty naff idea, it just went to show how great the model work was because the CG work was pretty boring !!!