Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cliffhanger remake

Producer Neal Moritz (I Am Legend & Fast & Furious) is remaking Renny Harlin's 1993 Stallone action thriller Cliffhanger. Now it may not have been brilliant but I actually thought it was a pretty fun movie, and certainly not in need of any kind of revamp, remake or reboot, only a few years back there was talk that Stallone was to do a sequel to the original movie, which I assume is now defunct !


Inchy said...

I must be honest, I'm becoming a bit tired of remakes.

I'd imagine that somewhere in the bowels of the colon that is Hollywood is a proposal for a remake of 2001, or Star Wars, or even Time Cop!

allen said...

Or Jaws or Close Encounter or China Town or the Shinning...oh wait, they did remake the Shinning...and it was crap!

Multiple Miggs said...

Did you know that Cliffhanger was "SUPPOSED" to be the next James Bond movie back in the day? Simply take the word Mountain Man/Stallone... and replace it with Super-Spy/James Bond.

True story.