Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alien remake ?

Well it is 30 years old and they're already re-making films from the 80's and early 90's, if this is the best that Hollywood can come up with though I'd rather the Alien franchise just be remembered for what it was, or at least the first 2 films. Because there's no way a remake of Alien would or could work compared to the original, the Alien is an iconic monster, so do they keep the H.R Giger Alien design and then remake the movie around that, or do they come up with a new Alien too, which will no doubt not be a patch on the original creature ?

And as for a prequel, well that sounds shite too, back to explaining origins just for the sake of it, I'd rather speculate where the Alien came from and the Derelict ship and it's crew than being shown and having it spoilt !

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allen said...

What a great big, steamy pile of corn filled, fly buzzing poop! I just watched Alien last night and I'm showing the storyboards to my class this refreshing to see a movie where everything wasn't explained. I so badly wanted to know where the ship was from and what all the eggs were doing on it and where the Alien that killed the space jockey was...but actually, I DON'T WANT HOLLYWOOD TO TELL ME!

Inchy said...

I agree, but when has Hollywood ever let the integrity and mystery of a damn good story get in the way of a fast buck?!

To be honest, I'll be amazed if someone DOESN'T have a go at another film. Unfortunately.

allen said...

Just finished ALIEN with the director's commentary...there can be no remake.

Any attempt WILL fail.

Michael Grant Clark said...

Both Ridley and Tony Scott are supposed to be producing this. But that may be cover for McG to take over. Aliens with guns, that are really robot humans from the future!